14 January 2017

AAR - First Mission - Patrol - Full Report

May 1942, 3. Gruppe, 1. Zug, 6. Kompanie, InfBat, IR 267
(3rd Squad, 1st Platoon, 6th Company, InfBat, Infantry Regiment 267)
Unteroffizier Winter, NCO of 3rd Squad, has been leading the group of men since the reorganisation of the infantry regiment in February 1942. Some of the soldiers in the group are veteran Landsers who have been fighting with the regiment since the invasion of France.  However, the long summer offensive of 1941 and the subsequent harsh winter have been deadly. Replacements arrived from the Fatherland,

11 January 2017

AAR - 1st Mission: Patrol - Squad Stat lines

  Stat lines for 3rd Squad at start of 1st Mission: 

30 November 2015

First Setup of the battlefield

This is the very first setup of a possible battlefield which I am currently using to test ...

13 November 2015

The Factory

I have just finished painting a factory building I purchased a while ago from a gentlemen in France. It is a rather nice building and a joy to paint. Most importantly, my 15mm German Grenadiere fit in perfectly and I am sure many battles will bei fought in and around it over the years.

28 September 2015

Erster Zug (first Platoon)

The first Platoon (1. Zug) consists of three groups (Gruppen) and a platoon leader group.

Each group is formed by 10 men of which at least one is a NCO (or higher) who is the group leader, followed by a 2IC (a NCO or lower), a LMG gunner and a LMG assistant, and six rifle men who are also equipped with grenades.

1. Zug, 176. Grenadierkompanie (total of 36 men)

Zugführungsgruppe (six men):
Zugführer (Platoon leader)
stellvert. Zugführer (2IC)
2 Radiomen
2 Messengers
1. Zugführungsgruppe

Kompanie Supports have arrived

A Kompanie doesn't only consist of units with bolt rifels and MGs.
Some are only equiped with a pistol, but their integral role is not to fight the enemy. It is more about fighting everything else, such as wounds and hunger.

Stretcher-bearer and Doc

21 September 2015

Boot Camp, Weissborn - April 1942

Before the 176th will be deployed to Russia, it will be equipped and trained in a boot camp in the Weissborn area of Eastern Prussia. The task of the day is to form a formidable troop out of those pesky young citizens. Landsers they want to be?
Well, excessive training is what they get!
The first Squad is to practice normal movement and fast Move under combat situations.